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 Amptek 12V 26Ah Battery Set Of 5pcs For 60V E-bikes

Amptek 12V 26Ah Battery Set Of 5pcs For 60V E-bikes

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AmpTek Black Gold Technology with Graphene & Carbon Fiber AmpTek Battery hereby offers the latest Black Gold edition, integrated with Graphene and Carbon Fiber technology. The Graphene ensures a longer life-cycle while Carbon Fiber makes it more durable for ebikes. The AmpTek 26Ah Black Gold battery is apt with better heat-management features. That is why it works smoothly in harsh conditions. In conclusion, the latest technology upgradation put ahead of the cheap alternatives. 12 Months Full Set Replacement Guarantee The Ebike battery comes with 12 month full Guarantee including Bulgging coverage. For your information, Bulgging Guarantee protects you in case of swelled or bulgged batteries. As you may know, it is a common issue in case of disputes. Full Set Replacement Guarantee We provide Full Battery Set Replacement Service to our customers. For instance, if you have single battery dead within the warranty period, we will replace the entire set. Further more, we also provide pick and drop facility. For details, kindly visit our warranty policy page. Consistent Battery Backup for upto 70KM AmpTek 26Ah Black Gold batteries are famous for providing consistent battery backup for hours. To clarify, several of our customers have reported that the battery provides upto 60km to 70km of backup per charge. However, the performance depends on the road condition and load. Also, the integrated Graphene restricts idle drain. Long Life Expectancy of upto 3 Years According to our customers the AmpTek brand has a reputation of lasting for over 3 years. The Graphene integration further ensures a long life. However, careful handling is advisable. 

  • Features Brand AmpTek Technology Black Gold Edition with Integrated Graphene & Carbon Fiber 
  • Battery Type Lead Acid, Dry Cell, Gel Battery (Maintenance Free) 
  • Voltage 12V × 5 = 60V Ampere Hour 26Ah 
  • Milage 60km to 70km Per Charge 
  • Guarantee 12 Months full Set Life 2 to 3 Years Size 181-77-173 (mm) 
  • Works with Yo Edge, Yo Drift, Okinawa Ridge, Tunwal and all other 60V ebikes 

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